At Semences du Sud, 2 + 3 make 5 seed stations equipped with SemWare software solutions
Semences du Sud, already a user of the ERP iGus for its Bram and Vic Fezensac stations, choose the solutions iGus, myGus et tiGus to equip their new structure, that is to say 3 more seed stations from the 2013 campaign:

  • Castelnaudary Mazères,
  • Arles,
  • Saujan near Beaucaire.

At Agrial and Ragt, one more factory will be equipped with SemWare software solutions from the XNUMX campaign
and Ragt create a new entity: Semara. It will have a factory built on the Maresché site in Sarthe, operational from the XNUMX campaign.
The factory will be equipped with the XNUMX components of our Gus software solution :

  • The ERP iGus for the complete management of the factory and its back office,
  • The procedural companion myGus for the assistance to the people, the securing of the procedures and the fluidity of the processes,
  • The platform tiGus for accessing essential data and reporting, using ready-to-use dashboards.

The latter are already used at the seed stations ofAgrial and Center Sem, respectively in Saint Sylvain and Reignac sur Indre.