One for all, all for Gus³!

igus, myGus et Tigus were born and grew up separately, to meet additional needs: respectively ERP, Procedures and Dashboards. These 3 musketeers of the management of the process industry will be one very soon. Indeed, we plan to bring them together in a single application: Gus³. And we are nearing the goal!

The security will be global: it will only be necessary to authenticate once. The existing functionalities will be present, but they will be better nested: export of a report in Excel format, search on column, start of a procedure from a management screen ... Not to mention many practical novelties ...

It will also be possible for users to further customize the tool: setting up of the homepage, display options and management of favorites.

And from an aesthetic point of view, our key words will be visual coherence and modernity.

But shush, it's a surprise!