MyGus, your best development platform

Less development means working less and spending less money. MyGus fits into your computer by means of settings, no more.
However, it is sometimes more judicious, financially or functionally, to develop in order to:

  • Avoid setting up an expensive module or software solution,
  • Overcome a lack of functionality of your ERP,
  • Automate your processes,
  • ...

That's why SemWare offers you the best development platform in the market:

  • Your modules are executed by simple settings.
  • MyGus updates are reduced; they do not override your specific developments, and do not interfere with them; in fact, your specific developments are placed in a separate module.
  • The database integrated in myGus is oriented towards logistics and manufacturing. So you can work independently from your ERP.
  • Development costs are among the best in the market; indeed, SemWare does not charge the cost of a consultant for developments; their development prices are much cheaper than the development prices on an ERP.
  • It is not necessary to update your developments. Once the developments have been completed, you do not have to reinvest to upgrade them as part of an update to the myGus software or your ERP.

A controlled budget

SemWare has developed a plan for implementing the myGus software. This plan provides:

  • Total cost control by the end customer,
  • Greater flexibility in specification changes inherent to any implementation.

The decisions taken are always adjusted to the project. Thus, you modify all or part of your requests while controlling your costs.