A very developed configuration

The administrator of iGus has the following configuration tools:

  • Product management: product lines, products, articles, brands, seed stages. Product lines can be grouped together (family, group).
  • Batch codification: units, campaigns, sizes, generations, types of cultivation, sterility, trays, treatments, active ingredients, companies, automatic change of ownership, etc.
  • Quality codification: analyzes and analysis families, choices, actions, quality profiles, automatic calculation of action and choice, etc.
  • Codification of stocks: containers, types and natures of containers, warehouses, locations, means, types of stock movements.
  • Codification of deliveries: carriers, means of transport, delivery terms.
  • General codification: zones, countries, sites, certification zones.

Highly studied ergonomics

In computing, coding is necessary. However, a "list of values" can help you make the right choice between codes and designations. Just double-click to open the list and select the suggested item. Data entry is minimal!

The screens and the editions are linked: thus, when reserving an MO (manufacturing order), it is easy to edit the tracking sheet of the current manufacturing order.

The number of screens has been intentionally reduced; the main screens (initial reception, management of manufacturing orders) adjust to the context. Thus, novice users are guided and need to memorize only a few computer techniques.