The domain of iGus

IGus manages all facets of seed production and manufacturing. This goes from planting the seeds to their reception in the seed station. This then continues until the seeds are certified by the official control services (SOC for France), and then until the bags of seeds obtained are shipped. What makes iGus so original is its strong adaptability to the management rules of the seed station or to those of the breeder. IGus manages all the activity of the seed station: the organization of production in relation with the contract givers and the propagators, the organization of the manufacturing processes, the monitoring of operations as well as the monitoring of the seed quality throughout the process.

IGus can manage multiple manufacturing sites simultaneously. It centralizes information in a single site. This allows reporting or interfaces with other systems. Thus, with iGus, you have full visibility on your stocks, quantitatively and qualitatively.

In iGus, quality conditions the availability of seeds: seeds can only be processed if they meet the breeder's specifications. Thus, you avoid errors and can justify traceability at any time, and in a few seconds.

Finally iGus puts at your disposal a Business Objects universe. Thus, you can access all the data collected, via a data center, in a non-computer language.

The jobs concerned

  • The production manager,
  • The factory manager and his team,
  • The laboratory,
  • The stock and warehouse manager,
  • Management control and the management committee.

The place of iGus in the information system

IGus targets the operation of the plant. It is not intended to replace software that is well suited to traditional functions (sales management or accounting) or very technical functions (management of machines and physical components of the seed station).

However, iGus is designed to work synergistically in such an environment through proven data exchange mechanisms.