IGus is at the heart of the management of the factory. With its Payments and Billing module, you can easily manage customer billing and payments.

This module contains important notions such as:

  • The managed third party (knowing that the module can generate several accounts).
  • The assigned impersonal account.
  • The source voucher, the notion of sub-voucher (contract, delivery note).
  • The discount rate.
  • The analytical axes.
  • The status of the accounts entry.
  • The invoice header (date, due date, header and footer note).
  • Details about third parties ...

The iGus Payments and billing module has many features. Thanks to them, billing is complete and adapts to different contexts. And you have multiple tools in a single screen, which simplifies management. This screen includes:

  • The management of several accounts simultaneously in a multi-company context: with iGus, you can very easily create accounting entries for each of the companies. A notion of context makes it easy to manage invoicing. From the screen, you select the accounts you want to display, and you switch from one to the other with one click.
  • Day book: it assigns a non-definitive number to an accounting voucher until it is validated.
  • Consolidation of invoices in order to validate them collectively.
  • The sales and purchases journal.
  • The sorting of the entries (per third parties, per voucher number, per antechrono invoice...).
  • The ability to restrict the display of accounts entries to those of the campaign.
  • Billing in several stages: advance, 1er down payment, 2nd down payment ...
  • The ability to generate from deliveries, invoiced deliveries, invoices and contracts.
  • The printing of invoices directly from the screen ...


With this module, you can easily generate the accounts entries related to a specific third party and / or specific dates. To do this, you must first have defined the rules and criteria for billing and payment.