IGus multi sites

A site is an autonomous entity: the factory of a contract giver or a subcontracting factory. The software federates the activity of the sites and centralizes the data into a single database.

A single parameterization site transmits to the factory sites the structure tables (product lines, products, articles, calibers, units, etc.) and the orders of the contract giver.

In return, automatic interfaces aggregate the factory data to a center: batches, material movements, manufacturing orders, stocks, quality.

Inter-site transfers are a special case of delivery. During the transfer, iGus registers a stock in transit. The receiving site receives the information conveyed by the transfer before delivery: transfer note, batches, movements and even containers if there are any.

There can be several types of multi-site architectures:

  • Classical star architecture.
  • Entity managed autonomously (e.g.: subcontractors equipped with iGus).
  • Reservoir in which the central site can amalgamate several occasional subcontractors.

The interfaces can be fully configured, and the automatic jobs are managed in an administration tool.

IGus federates the sites:

IGus in association with a pilot system

IGus can manage its own orders. But iGus also knows how to integrate orders from a management system such as SAP. In this case, iGus retransmits to the pilot system the information on the realisation and quality: batches, manufacturing order, stock movements, qualities.

IGus in direct connection with the factory

IGus drives the factory via the iGus-Process interface. In return, the factory informs iGus of its achievements, almost instantly. This link is a guarantee of total security.

    • Calibration Filling
      The initialization of a MO (manufacturing order) assigns a hopper to a MO line. The filling is done by barcode reading which associates the code of the hopper and the code of the container. IGus-Process guarantees the accuracy of the content.
    • Drainage for MO (e.g.: bagging)
      IGus-Process reads the tracking sheet and controls that any container to be emptied is part of the batch(es) reserved for this MO. IGus-Process guarantees that there will be no mixing. It also guarantees that the reserved quantity will not be exceeded. In the case of operations such as emptying, filling, change of location, transfer, weighing, etc., the monitoring of the movements per container (or on silos) is at the origin of the total traceability, for each MO and/or batch.

IGus in connection with an input management

A link module forwards delivery forecasts to iGus, which initiates initial receptions (creates a qualified batch). The operator then edits a reception note to control the reception in the factory.