Deployment of our software solution Gus³ at the seed breeder company PANAM : the project is already on track!

Between the request of PANAM, looking for an integrated management software solution for their seed factory in Villemur sur Tarn, and the activation of our ERP iGus at the seed breeder's, it took barely 3 and a half months, which is a truly record time to:

The project's conditions are fine, particularly mild, and the phase 2 take-off is imminent.
After the completion of the deployment of our ERP iGus, we will proceed to configure the other additional manufacturing operations (such as sorting), the contract management, the Manufacturing and Purchase MRP. Then our myGus procedural assistant will join in, first at the laboratory, then at the factory for manufacturing (bagging...), storage and shipping procedures.

Furthermore, at PANAM, seed storage is also done in Nox Big Bags ; this is the opportunity for Gus³ to prove its effectiveness for this new packing solution, as original as it is ecological, which aims to naturally preserve and protect seeds in an atmosphere saturated with CO₂.

In short, another great project for Gus³ and a new adventure for SemWare!