Freedom, speed, quality, at the service of your reports and queries
GSI, this is the printing service that we developed, initially for our procedural tool myGus. Today, this service can be generalized to our ERP iGus, as well as any other platform (mobile ...).
A report developed for GSI can be deployed and integrated with iGus in a few seconds, thanks to existing configuration tools.
In addition, with GSI, you can design your own reports and queries, or modify provided reports and queries, without relying on IT. For this, we simply offer training using the data dictionary that we provide.
In addition to reports in pdf format, you can also generate files Excel ou XML files, for your direct mailing for example.
GSI uses a powerful and user-friendly tool: PcSoft Reports and Queries. Its creation assistant facilitates the design of your reports and queries.

And the quality obtained is really professional:

Consult the documentation on PcSoft Reports and Queries.