MyGus composes, you profit!

Husk, sort, clean, dry, shell, calibrate, treat, bag ... To orchestrate the processes of your seed station, you can trust myGus, the procedural component of our software solution Gus³.

MyGus guides your procedures from one end of the process to the other, in strict accordance with the manufacturing order that has been planned in theERP iGus.

MyGus coordinates and orders your processes, secures your flows. Its goal is yours: the finished product obtained must be 100% compliant with the result you expect. And for that, it conducts your PLCs with a rod of iron: myGus makes a go of them!

For each manufacturing process, myGus calculates the parameters to configure the PLCs; thus, for a bagging of corn seeds, the software defines:

  • the speed of the conveyor belts, per hopper,
  • the number of pumps to be activated in the seed treatment machine, depending on the number of active ingredients required for the treatment slurry considered,
  • the feed rate of each treatment pump,
  • the rotation speed of the treatment bowl,
  • etc.

As for the precision dialogue developed between myGus and PLCs, it is the result of a close partnership between Cimbria, a specialist in PLCs dedicated to the seed industry, and SemWare, a specialist in integrated software solutions for process industries.