SemWare has obtained the Qualiopi quality certification as a PAC* in the "Training Actions" category. Qualiopi? Qual... yippee!

It's official ! We are happy and proud to announce that the quality certification Qualiopi has been awarded by Bureau Veritas to the training we design and deliver to our customers, with the aim of planting the seeds of optimal use of our software solution Gus³, and its components iGus, myGustiGus.

This certification rewards the work and efforts made by our team since 2009 to offer our customers constantly renewed training, adapted to their needs, and led by our consultants in an atmosphere that is always warm and friendly.

The certification Qualiopi took over from Datadock. Compulsory since 01/01/2022 for all training providers (PAC*) wishing to receive public or shared funding (OPCO), its purpose is to guarantee the quality of the services offered, in compliance with a National standard based on 7 criteria and 32 quality indicators:
1 - the information to the public,

2 - the adaptation of the training to the public concerned,
3 - the management of trainees,
4 - the adequacy of the teaching resources,
5 - the management of trainers,
6 - the consistency with and the investment into the socio-professional environment,
7 - the monitoring of training and training processes.

The process for awarding certification is rigorous and standardized:
  • the certification is issued by certifying bodies accredited by the French accreditation committee (Cofrac), following an in-depth audit of the processes implemented by the training organization, in this case SemWare;
  • the certification is valid for 3 years, but it is reassessed mid-term via a surveillance audit, then at the end of the period via a renewal audit.
The issues of this certification are to guarantee the quality of the processes implemented by the PACs*, but also the active involvement of the latter in the dynamics of continuous improvement of these processes. If it's already cool to be a PAC*, man, being a certified PAC* is even better, and remain one is GOAT !

(*) PAC: Provider of Actions contributing to the development of Competencies

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Quality certification has been issued to SemWare under the following category of action: TRAINING ACTIONS