We have just closed the year 2023, for which 91% of our trainees felt satisfied with the training in which they participated, an increase of 34% compared to the satisfaction rate for 2022. What a splendid gift for our tenth anniversary as a training organization! And a big thank you to our trainees for their renewed trust.

August 19, 2023 marked SemWare's 10th anniversary as a training organization, an activity which was naturally added to our primary vocation, that of creating and marketing software solutions applied to the process industries, and more specifically to the seed management, from A to Z.
The next step is obviously to provide users of our tools with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to use the tools optimally.

It's true that in our professional jargon, the abbreviation FO is more spontaneously associated with Fabrication Order. As'Formative (understand training) Organization, this abbreviation only joined our lexicon relatively recently, on March 24, 2022, the date on which we obtained the Qualiopi quality certification (look at the certificate). But after all, from OF to OF, there is perhaps not that far! Because during our training courses, we do indeed produce knowledge and skills. And quite a lot! Thus, from 2013 to 2023, our "in-house" trainers led more than 150 sessions, based on a training offer including, in 2023, no less than 23 different (but nevertheless complementary) topics, for almost 500 trainees who, in turn, trained their own teams of users, by services, specialties, etc.



So that our training can continue to be financed by skills organizations, we had to go through the Qualiopi quality certification. This is a rather cumbersome system to manage, especially for a small business (less than 20 employees). If the desire for “quality” was already in our temperament, the formalism of the label nevertheless required some adjustments. Not to mention the wide range of quality criteria, which had to be scrutinized.
In addition to our intuitive approach before the Qualiopi era, new tools have been added to systematize the sharing of information and co-construct the processes, at each stage, internally but also within the framework of the relationship with our customers and trainees. Spin-offs:

  • procedures well oiled, then re-oiled, until they no longer squeak,
  • better consultants at your service,
  • developers who are more aware of your issues.
And one common thread all the time: to improve the quality of our services, at all levels: educational, professional, administrative, legal, regulatory, etc.



Sometimes our trainees deplore a certain administrative burden and too much paperwork. Undeniably. Moreover, we are already striving to reduce the "administrative machinery" as much as possible, in order to concentrate most of our forces on our training objectives:
  • the adaptation of users of our software solutions to their workstation,
  • the development of their skills,
  • the acquisition, maintenance and / or improvement of their knowledge.
However, part of the excellent satisfaction score obtained for 2023 can undoubtedly be attributed to Qualiopi. Why? Firstly because by questioning our processes in a more systematic and in-depth way, we have opened the door for important changes. Secondly, because better sharing of information has allowed us to break down barriers; and the entire training system is then enriched, thus benefiting from resources sometimes unused until then. And then let's dare to admit it: without the obligations linked to our Qualiopi quality certification, would we have calculated this so famous satisfaction score?

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