Assign cultivable parcels and generate propagation contracts, all in a few clicks? No problem, there is PDP!


With the ERP iGus, you can assign cultivable parcels to the production of the varieties ordered by contract givers. You can also generate all the propagation contracts for a campaign at once, for a given species. And you can do it all from one screen! This screen is the PDP: Production Plan.

The PDP simultaneously displays all the information you need to properly assign the agricultural parcels:

  • on the one hand, the client's need, expressed in number of hectares per variety, generation ...
  • on the other hand, the offer from propagators, expressed in hectares available for cultivation; their preferences for certain species / varieties can also be taken into account.

This screen works like a simulator. There, you can cross data at will, test as many assignments as you want without altering the initial data. In addition, you can develop several production plans at the same time, simulated or real, for the same campaign. iGus will notify you of any cross-assignments.

In addition, this tool is easy to use and provides a lot of flexibility. With a few clicks, you assign parcels or cancel assignments. You can even mix, and for example assign only a few hectares here or a few hectares there. As soon as one hectare is assigned, it is automatically and instantly deducted from the initial offer. Thus, per production plan, it is impossible to assign the same area twice.

And when you have the right plan, just click on a single button to generate all its propagation contracts, per campaign and per species. Provided however that there is not any error. But if there were, iGus would tell you!