Entrust your weight data to myGus and save several hundred data entries/day, as well as the associated risks of errors!

Do not enter your weight data anymore! Leave this task to myGus, the procedural component of Gus³, our software solution for process industries.

MyGus is a mobile software application, specialized in the secured acquisition of data, in the field. MyGus accompanies you everywhere, in the factory, on the weighbridge, in your storage areas ... It can communicate with the weighing solutions that equip your seed station, with or without network.

Thus, from his forklift, a driver only has to select a weighing device on the touch screen of his myGus, if it is necessary to select it. Indeed, as myGus knows the manufacturing line and the related exit point, it can most of the time deduce which weighing device is used. The weight displayed by the digital indicator is instantly displayed on the touch screen of myGus, in the input field provided for this purpose. And myGus will transmit this weight to the ERP iGus only if the driver validates it. The control is double, and the safety is total!

Moreover, if the tare of the container has already been entered in theERP iGus, the net weight of the weighed seeds is calculated automatically. And if the tare has not been entered, myGus has the procedures you need to get the weight data you need, in the flow of your processes, and at the most appropriate times.

We have developed communication protocols with several brands of weighing scales used in industrial environments, including Precia Molen, MasterK, Scaime, Testut ... And our experts are at your disposal to offer you solutions adapted to the brands that equip your seed station. Feel free to contact them !