Gus³ speaks your language. And that is our choice! 

Sticking as much as possible to the reality of users is much more than a goal for SemWare. It's a credo! That's why the software solution Gus³ has been designed and structured to meet the linguistic needs that may emerge.

In the technical sector, English is the lingua franca. We have therefore developed a standard English version for each component of Gus³ - ERP iGus, procedures myGus, dashboards tiGus.

However, not everyone speaks English. Moreover, the largest seed producers are not necessarily English-speaking countries. So we have made sure that the users of Gus³ can have each of its components in the language or terminology of their choice, including per sector. If they wish, they can even use multiple languages ​​simultaneously.

And to meet the specific needs of a brand new customer, we are also developing a German version of Gus³ !


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