For 2018, we are not promising you the moon ... we are shooting for the stars!

Not so long ago, in a nearby galaxy, near, very near ...

A small group of enthusiastic and bearded computer engineers decided to join forces and put their ideas at the service of actors in the seed sector: seed stations, agricultural cooperatives ...

They wanted to offer innovative software solutions, particularly well fitted to the needs and constraints of this demanding profession.

Their credo? Facilitate, secure, optimize:
  • communication between the partners concerned,
  • data acquisition and management,
  • organization of operations and manufacturing processes.
Today, in an increasingly competitive economic environment, Gus³ proves to be a complete, efficient and profitable software solution in more than 25 seed production plants.

And supporting Gus³, a small group of computer engineers, still as enthusiastic and even more bearded, unite their voices to wish you a very beautiful and very happy new year!