Release of the Gus³ Manufacturing Resources Planning... Mrs Crystal Ball is losing her marble over it!

Since the release of the Manufacturing MRP of Gus³, worry was getting deeper concerning Mrs Crystal Ball's spirits. And rumors were rife... We had to get to the bottom of it! This morning, at dawn, Mrs Ball finally confided in our very special correspondent.

« Since this Manufacturing MRP of Gus³ was released, I've lost quite a lot of clients ... With that soi-disant Gus³ thing, they supposedly manage to manufacture exactly what they need for their sales orders ... As for the clients who have remained loyal to me ... You'll never guess what they dare to ask me since the release of  this damn Gus³ Manufacturing Resources Planning… I'm at the end of my rope… Supposedly that Gus³ thingummy would be able to predict the out-of-stock dates of each of their articles, down to the week! Yes, you heard me right… down to the week! And of each of their articles to be manufactured! And actually, they can deal with several thousand articles at the same time… Not kidding... So... Imagine! Now, my clients ask me the out-of-stock date for one first article, then for a second one, then for a third one… And for a next one, and so on, and so forth… Admit it, it's positively inhuman! Not to mention the time I spend to answer all that stuff! How can I manage to make a living now, how can I? And on top of that, since my clients heard about all the things that damn Gus³ thingamajig is able to do, I can't believe my ears about what they ask me... »

And then, Mrs Ball pulled an awfully long face… The burden of the traumatic memory, no doubt…

« One of them even asked me how many bags of 1 kg of shallot bulbils he would be able to manufacture from all his available stocks, bulk and finished products combined! But how would I know, now, how would I? There's no calculator in there... »

Then Mrs Ball slapped her forehead several times, right in the middle of it, between her eyes.

« Besides, I am ultra-hopeless at mental arithmetic, so... »

Poor Mrs Ball...

« Not to mention that other client... who wanted me to foretell how long he would be sure not to be out-of-stock, if he manufactured 1512 bags of 5 kg, 895 bags of 10 kg and 443 bags of 20 kg of… argh… pfff… I don't even remember what there was in the bags…! And right after that, he asked me how many bags he would have to manufacture if he decided to replace the 10 kg bags by 5 kg bags… A nonsense about substitute articles that he wanted to consume instead of substituted articles… Substitute substituted… Subsense, yes, for sure! For heaven's sake, do I ask him what he eats? What's the point anyway... Because that's precisely when my crystal ball went on a binge... And now ... I just have my eyes left to weep... »

And Mrs Ball burst into long sobs. Our very special correspondent tried to console her… unsuccessfully… 

So this morning, we are sorry to inform you that Mrs Crystal Ball has well and truly… cracked! Obviously, she won't tell us more today, perhaps neither even tomorrow... But fortunately, you can consult our experts ! They will be delighted to answer all your questions about the Manufacturing Resources Planning of our Gus³ software solution. And WE predict this!
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