Get to know each other better to work better together


Which user of Gus³ are you? Beginner ? Intermediate? Seasoned? Are you sure you know which hidden functionalities would be useful to you? Do you need training?

What problems do you encounter on a daily basis? How can we help you solve them? By what means, what improvements? Your opinion, what is it?

If we know each other better, we will advance better and faster.

For this purpose, our Business team provides you with a Multiple Choice Questionnaire concerning your use of Gus³. This questionnaire reviews the main concepts and functionalities of the software.

Very practical, it is a workbook in which the questions are grouped per module. Thus, you can find very quickly the questions that are related to your mission, and you can skip those that do not concern you. Answering the questionnaire may only take a few minutes depending on your mission. But the benefits can be substantial!