Declaration of certification, decertification, certificated and not certificated stocks: SEMAE raise their standards, and Gus³ the challenge!

To meet the new demands of SEMAE, concerning declarations of certification (including information relating to the phytosanitary passport), decertification, certificated and not certificated stocks, we have updated all of our export files.

Our customers have just completed their declarations using for the first time the new export files that we have developed in accordance with the schedule and specifications imposed by SEMAE, but also with the new modalities for the sending of export files via a dedicated intranet site.

Goodbye to TXT format: all our declaration files are now in the XML format required. As for the new export modalities, we are delighted to announce that our new files have successfully passed through the doors of the intranet site of SEMAE.

Building on these successes, we have immediately launched into the development of a completely different type of certification file: that of potato seeds, and still in XML format!

At the same time, we are already working on a shortened procedure for sending declaration data to SEMAE through their Web service. We'll keep you posted...

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