MyGus Aux Champs (MAC) mobile application of our Gus³ software solution: its new functionalities will make it the golden thread of your crop monitoring

Since its creation in 2018, the application MAC* of our software solution Gus³ has been completely revised, for an in-depth evolution of all its concepts: interface, ergonomics, aesthetics, but also the addition of new functionalities. Objectives: to facilitate, secure and further optimize your crop monitoring.

Because it is a real golden thread between the various technicians who take turns on the parcels throughout the duration of the crops, MAC* is a faithful companion at each stage of your crop monitoring.

At the seed station, MAC* is there, to facilitate the acquisition and sharing, by your technicians, of the documentary resources necessary for optimal crop monitoring: cartography et weather forecasts of agricultural parcels, production statistics and variety report, product sheets, regulations...

In the fields, MAC* is still there, to optimize the field inspections: recording of observations right from the parcels, including the BBCH scale of the species observed; possibility of adding photos, entering notes, and even recording audio comments !

With or without a network, MAC* is always there, to guarantee the access to the information prepared at the seed station in anticipation of inspections, as well as the synchronization with our ERP iGus of the data that has been recorded from the parcels, as quickly as possible. And most of the time, the data arrive at the seed station before your technicians!

(*) MAC - MyGus Aux Champs

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