Our Company Lancy Mixjet specializes in the design and manufacture of equipment for pumping and spraying mortar and concrete. It wanted to simplify its reception and store management procedures.

Currently, Lancy Mixjet only has PCs equipped with BaaN IVc4 for data acquisition. Although operational, this solution is expensive because it is not very productive. It also lacks reliability as to the quality of the information entered (since the entry is not done as close as possible to the operation). Finally, it generates bottlenecks at the store level.

In order to streamline the flows linked to warehousing, the company Lancy Mixjet wanted to equip its warehouse workers with a solution to manage:

  • The information display as close as possible to the articles,
  • The receptions,
  • The placing of articles into warehouses,
  • The removal of articles from warehouses,
  • The manufacturing orders,
  • The deliveries,
  • The control of warehouses,
  • The stocktaking,
  • The labels,
  • Possibly the monitoring of spent times.

In addition, Lancy Mixjet also asked:

  • A reasonable cost of installation,
  • Interchangeable equipment,
  • An interface with BaaN IVc4, which remains the control system,
  • The maintenance of order consistency in the event of a network failure,
  • a full day's autonomy (batteries),
  • The securing of transactions,
  • assistance to storekeepers through helping ergonomics.