The company Pommier choose the data acquisition solution myGus for its reliability, speed, flexibility, modularity, ease of use, but also for its ability to interface with theBaaN ERP

Designer and manufacturer of accessories in the field of equipment for industrial bodywork, Pommier needed a WMS-like (Warehouse Management System) software tool to:
  • manage their stock, 
  • improve the logistics chain in reception, order preparation, packaging (hardware part, aluminum), shipments,
  • streamline the flows linked to warehousing,
  • monitor the preparation and packaging times.

MyGus is integrated into the warehouse data management system by means of a simple configuration, defined in the workshop with the warehouse workers of Pommier storekeepers, the future users of the tool.
Data acquisition is performed using barcode readers, as close as possible to operations, to ensure data reliability.

With myGus, the company Pommier is therefore equipped with a tool thanks to which it will be able to:

  • display the information as close as possible to the articles,
  • alert operators when items are out of stock,
  • manage receptions,
  • manage out-basketing with, subsequently, the possibility of automatically proposing a location that complies with constraints such as grouping by article family, taking into account the weight and size limit,
  • manage deliveries by integrating a constraint of grouping orders and / or customer withdrawal,
  • master the constraints of grouping and editing documents by client and by order,
  • automate the entry of weights,
  • make the edition of transport vouchers more reliable,
  • manage the packing lists to the last parcel, according to client option,
  • manage labels automatically,
  • keep track of the times spent,
  • automatically locate carts.

In addition, Pommier will also benefit from:

  • A reasonable cost of installation,
  • Interchangeable equipment,
  • An interface with BaaN IVc4, which remains the control system,
  • The maintenance of order consistency in the event of a network failure,
  • a full day's autonomy (batteries),
  • The securing of transactions,
  • assistance to storekeepers through helping ergonomics.