Our Company Pommier now have a complete offer myGus to calmly and efficiently manage the preparation, packaging and shipping of sales orders

XNUMX modules myGus have been activated at Pommier


  • The sales orders are automatically scheduled according to desired delivery dates and carrier pickup times.
  • The sales orders are displayed on the order pickers' forklift; each stock output is validated before being taken away to be packed.
  • Batch management methods (FIFO, LIFO and per location) are complied with.
  • The organization of moves in the warehouse is optimized.


  • Packaging is managed per sales order, with automatic recovery of the scale weights.
  • Packing rules are complied with (1 article per parcel, packing lists).
  • A delivery note is edited.
  • Package labels are issued; they meet the standards SSCC.


  • The packages that can be shipped are displayed per carrier.
  • Packages are scanned and the validity of the scans is checked (is it the right carrier? Is the packaging finished? ...)
  • Transport vouchers are edited per sales order, according to the settings.
  • Shipping recaps are edited on request, per day and per carrier.


All the modules have monitoring tools for the works managers. Thus, the latter can:

  • Consult and modify the scheduling: sort per order picker, warehouse, carrier, sales order, delivery date, scheduling priorities, sales order status.
  • Assign per sales order or per group of sales orders.
  • Highlight remainders.


All the operations carried out are detailed per sales order and can be consulted. Thus, the monitoring of sales orders is optimal:


  • Who prepared the sales order?
  • Where was the material taken?
  • How much material?
  • At what time did the order picker start?
  • At what time did the order picker finish?


  • Display of the packing,
  • Who packed?
  • At what time?
  • Weight of the packages.
  • Weight of the packing article.
  • Display of the sales order indicators, to see the progress of the sales order at a glance.


The interface with BaaN includes:

  • Data synchronization BaaN toward myGus throughout the day (average lag of 4 minutes between myGus et BaaN).
  • Reporting on receptions.
  • Stock inputs.
  • Stock transfers.
  • Sales order preparations.
  • Management of packaging.
  • Calculation of transport and packaging costs.
  • Entering of EDI tables.
  • Reporting on shipments.
  • Automatic change of the carrier if the latter has been changed in myGus.