With myGus, manufacture and deliver, on the fly!

With our procedural tool myGus, you can deliver at a lower cost, making profitable trips to the seed station.

Indeed, under the supervision of myGus, your forklift operators take the pallets as soon as they are ready to be shipped and bring them directly to the carriers responsible for delivering them. Then, the operators validate the operation in myGus, which immediately initiates the printing of two documents per pallet:

  • a delivery slip, printed directly in the office of the administrative team;
  • a detailed list of contents per pallet, for the forklift driver.

Then, without waiting, the truck driver goes to the office of the administrative team to control the delivery note and leaves with his own copy.

As for the forklift driver, he will give his detailed lists to the administrative team, but much later in the day, and in one go!