5 more sites with myGus and all its bonuses


Semences du Sud have chosen myGus for their seed stations in Vic Fezensac, Bram, Castelnaudary, Arles and Saujean.

Thus, these 5 seed stations will be able to benefit from numerous automated procedures, autonomous orders, orders on the fly. Objective: make the processes even more profitable and secure, throughout the manufacturing lines concerned:

  • Reception (the weights are automatically returned), including for a contract or a purchase,
  • Sorting,
  • Bagging,
  • Warehousing (creation of inventory order on the fly and realization),
  • Storage (internal transfer and transfilling, which are autonomous orders),
  • De-packaging,
  • External transfer,
  • Returns (the return note is generated automatically),
  • Shipping ...