"Fishy files to starboard!"

The Look-out application monitors the contents of hard disks, locally or within a network.

It operates completely autonomously, insofar as its mission has been defined beforehand. Look-out does nothing by chance. And nothing escapes Look-out...

You need to automate file transfers (via EDI, FTP...), data exchanges, the sending of emails? Look-out is there, discreet but efficient. It continuously scans the files assigned to it and triggers the planned actions as soon as the conditions are met.

Testimony: "You needn't harass her. Vigie loads a file into its destination database, as soon as it arrives in the EDI station it is monitoring "- Cétautomatix.

You can set up its reaction time. However, its ability to react in the moment can represent a major asset, especially in logistics. Thanks to Look-out, the seed station of Saint-Sylvain (of the Agrial group) have successfully automated their exchanges with one of their carriers, Letna.

And soon, the hard drives will also have all the attention of Look-out. We are already planning to entrust it with additional missions, such as monitoring the systems. There will be alerts when a log is too big, when a disk is filled, etc.

Look out for long, Look-out !