Gus³ +1 yes, but 1st Gus³ working on a freelance basis in Germany



Our system Gus³ has just found a taker, once again. But for the first time, Gus³ goes abroad. More exactly, it goes to Germany, to Heitersheim, where it will serve the interests of the seed station ZG Raiffeisen.

The stakes are high ! Gus³ will have to adapt to the specificities of the German market. In particular, the modules iGus used for seed certification will be adjusted to the German model, somewhat different from the French model.

As for the language barrier, it has been successfully passed. Indeed, we are able to offer our software applications in any language. We can even integrate the usual language and the regional locutions of the users. And we have translated our training manuals into English, the lingua franca par excellence.


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