1 + 1 make 4 training courses...

Before, there were the Quality training course and the Administrator training course. Each has been divided into 2 separate modules. Objective: to target better the needs of users, according to their profiles.

The Quality training now consists of the Quality module and the Quality administration module. The first module deals with laboratory management and is aimed at laboratory managers, quality managers and laboratory technicians. The second module aims to regulate the material flows in the factory and has been designed for all administrators in charge of quality (factory, laboratory ...).

Following the same logic, the Administrator training is now divided into two different modules: the Administrator module and the Data Administrator module. The first module deals with the settings in our ERP iGus, whatever the field of application concerned (manufacturing, quality, sales, etc.). The second module focuses more specifically on the general principles of the management of reference data (articles, varieties, etc.) which tackle problems, challenges, standard solutions, etc.


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